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Strahovské nádvoří 3
Prague 1
Tel.:220 516 652



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Mon-Sun: 11.00-23.00

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The Strahov Monastery gardens, near Prague Castle, were so beautiful that they were known as ‘the Paradise’. And hence it seems perfectly logical that the restaurant, hidden below, should be called ‘Hell’ (Peklo!). The restaurant is situated at the end of a narrow, winding path leading through ‘Paradise’.

Here a flight of stairs carry you down into a musky, cavernous, vaulted setting dating back to the 12th Century. These spaces were often visited by Charles IV when he came to sample the monastery wine. He even ordered his coat of arms to be hung above the bar! The elongated upper space, lined with tables on either side, has a small streaming waterfall which pitter-patters as it fills the sculpted pool below. The circular lower space has a much higher, vaulted, exposed stone ceiling. The fair cuisine focuses on Czech and European fare.



GPS: 50°5'12.785 N, 14°23'18.637 E

Locality: Prague 1 - Castle Q

Underground: .

Bus: .

Tram: 22 cca 350 metres

From city centre: .






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