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KING SOLOMON - Glatt Kosher

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Široká 7/37
Tel.:+420 224 828 752
mob:+420 224 814 903


Czech - Jewish

opening hours:

Sun-Thu: 12.00-23.00

KING SOLOMON - Glatt Kosher

Price for one person:

1 000,-

Credit card:


The restaurant also offers a sophisticated Kosher take away for Shabbat, delivered directly to your home or hotel.
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Square Meal review:

Prague’s premiere Jewish restaurant is aptly located opposite the reknowned Old Jewish Cemetry. A beguilingly simple and unassuming entrance hides a fabulous interior, the front half of which is designed as a temple, with a series of cosy alcoves, all overseen by a stone statue of King Solomon. The jewel of the restaurant, however, is hidden to the rear where a wonderful, daylit conservatory is nestled in the courtyard. Here creeping vines grow up the arching supports and the charming courtyard of the neighbouring houses are clearly visible. The menu sets out to introduce traditional Middle and Eastern European Jewish cuisine to the general public. The food is fresh, uses plenty of herbs and is beautifully presented. The food, combined with the Yiddish music and setting, gives an enlightening glimpse into Jewish culture and traditions. Each section of the menu starts with an amusing Jewish saying - ‘If a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick!’



GPS: 50°5'20.9394 N, 14°25'7.377 E

Locality: Prague 1 - Old Town

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