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ICHNUSA botega & bistro

Overall rating Square Meal
Overall rating 11 visitors

Plaská 5
Praha 5 - Újezd
Tel.:+420 605 375 012


Sardinian, Italian

opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 12.00-24.00, -Sat: 16.00-24.00

ICHNUSA botega & bistro
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Unique dining atmosphere in this small restaurant serving Sardinian delicacies and traditional Italian dishes.
Rating by Square Meal:85%83%72%

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The passion of the Sardinian owner shines through the authentic dishes here. The cosy Art Noveau interior boasts decorative features and a stunning blue wall - a constant reminder of the sea which surrounds this beautiful island. A small shop at the entrance displays, for sale, Sardinian wine, cheese, honey, salami and other delectables - used in the dishes. The two dining spaces at the ground level are intimate and offer views to the garden and street. Alternatively guests can dine in the vaulted cellar below. The domestic setting puts guests at ease as they sample the delights of this culinary island - imbued with salty sea air, high mountains and diverse, centuries-old traditions. Needless to say, the owner is always at hand to enthuse and inform, ensuring each visit is deliciously memorable.
Appetisers: Burrida a sa Casteddaia - small pink shark served with tomato walnuts pesto (195Kč).
Meat: Wild boar ragu with homemade gnocchi from potatoes and pumpkin (355Kč).
Fish: Turbot filet steamed with slices of potato, sea-shells, prawns and Bottarga - dry fish eggs (415Kč).
Dessert: Chestnut cake with chocolate, pistacchio ice-cream (95Kč).



GPS: 50°4'49.689 N, 14°24'21.362 E

Locality: Prague 5

Underground: .

Bus: .

Tram: 6,9,12,20, 22 -Újezd

From city centre: .






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