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User’s rating

You too, can vote for your favorite Prague restaurants!

Voting is simple:

1) Register to

2) Log in to the website.

3) Go to your chosen restaurant page and click on ‚rate‘.

4) Rate your chosen restaurant according to the following categories:

- Overall Rating.

- Food

- Service

- Atmosphere

Note: 100 indicates the highest possible rate.

5) In the text fields you can comment your vote and/or write a short review for the restaurants.

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4.12.2012 Casanova’s secret ingredient

Casanova’s secret ingredient A cooking workshop at the Italian Cultural Institute of Prague. Giacomo Casanova is most known for his love liaisons, but few people know that he cultivated an equally intense passion ...

15.3.2012 Two Czech chefs win a Michelin star for the first time

Prague, 15.3.2012 It was 2008 when the first Michelin star was awarded to a Prague restaurant: the Italian chef Andrea Accordi won it at Allegro restaurant * in the Four Seasons hotel and maintained it for 3 years in a ...

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